Tech Talk with Nick: OneNote

So, it's that time of year again. New Year’s Resolutions…. Have you thought about what you want to improve this year? A recent survey found that the most common New Year’s Resolutions for Australians is looking to improve fitness, reduce debt and get more control over work and home life balance. So how can tech help you stay on top of these resolutions rather than giving up after the first month when we all go back to the normal routine?

One of the best, free and most underrated products in the Microsoft Office suite is OneNote.

Microsoft OneNote is a versatile productivity tool for home users and business users alike. I personally use OneNote to collate, sort and organise all my notes however it can be used for so much more. From To-Do Planners, Day Planners, Financial Planners, A Personal Digital Journal. There are limitless possibilities.

One of the best features of OneNote includes the ability for it to be accessed by any device.

Your PC, your Smartphone, and your tablet all by using Microsoft’s free OneNote app. Best of all there is no charge for using it. All you need is a Microsoft Account to log in and create a new notebook.

One of my favourite features is that it can support multimedia easily so you can easily record a voice note, grab a video from YouTube and pop it into your notebook. So why is this good? Let’s say for example you have decided that improving your fitness is your News Resolution the only way to keep on track is to plan your routines and put them into your calendar so that you are more likely to stick to them. Using OneNote, you can grab your favourite workout videos from YouTube and pop them into the days you want. You can also put this together with your food planner and food diary. This way you are keeping on top of what your workout days look like, and you are really going to kick some goals.