From the Editor’s Desk - Issue 6

Hello and welcome to The Local Gympie and Surrounds Newspaper, Issue 6. My name is Matt Owen and I am the owner and editor.

There is always so much to talk about with a monthly publication. Firstly our thoughts are with those affected by the recent floods across the region. Council have been working hard to repair roads across the region but it appears that won’t be a simple or quick process.

Up until this issue we were a COVID free space and left that to mainstream media and the government to talk about. The reason for having it as a feature story in this issue is to highlight the hidden cost of what is happening. These hidden costs include mental health, financial concerns and the division of society. Have a read and let us know what you think. I feel there is some real change coming soon with alternative vaccinations, more real life research on the efficiency of vaccines and with some different approaches happening abroad. I’m sure something major will change between when I write this and when you read it! I feel there are changes in the wind and with an election looming it will make things even more interesting.

Another major concern to our economy is the supply chain. Lack of availability, price increases and major staffing issues (mainly due to COVID infections and contacts). As a local community newspaper we are not immune and have just been hit with a whopping 18% + GST price increase. How about that one! Let me know if you have heard of a bigger single price increase than that.

I had the pleasure of visiting Gympie and District Landcare earlier in the week and catching up with Mel Marx and Virginia Kelleher (new Business Manager). They are doing great things around the region and offer a variety of services and an on-site nursery. Make sure to check them out.

Planning for the off-grid expo is well underway and we can’t wait until September. We will have plenty of information about the expo in upcoming issues.

On a sad note, finding local accommodation does not seem to be improving with more and more stories of homeless people and families. It really is hard to understand how this happens in this day and age. Surely the government and council can step up here and do something to provide short-term accommodation for those going through a tough patch. Maybe a learning from this for the council is that when approving large-scale projects consider accommodation and even on-site accom

Finally, make sure to rip out the centrefold. A stunning image of Point Pure from the talented Leeroy Todd. Thanks Leeroy! If there are any locals stories you want covered let us know. You may have a recipe to share, a community event or group to promote or you may want to advertise your business.

Have a great month everyone. Please support local businesses, stay safe, be healthy and enjoy life.

You can call me on 0447 924 507 or email

Matt Owenmodation options if there are such low vacancy rates.

Thank you once again to our community contributors who provide the content for our newspaper. Some great stories from the team. We have a couple of new contributors to this issue in Graeme and Lily.