From the Editor’s Desk Issue 5

Welcome to 2022 and Issue 5 of The Local Gympie and Surrounds!

This is a great issue with plenty of content to help people into the new year. Natural health, physical health, gardening tips, recipes, tips for a better year, healthy recipes, productivity tips and more! Wow. 2022 will have to be a better year after reading this issue!

Unfortunately with the new mandates we are seeing segregation and discrimination around employment along with a loss of freedoms for those that choose not to/cannot be vaccinated. We have seen cafes and restaurants adapt by only offering take away options, turning a blind-eye, going against the mandate or in some cases closing the doors. What is also concerning is health. Some medical clinics not seeing patients face to face that are unvaccinated is now a thing and the question I keep asking myself is where and when will this end? People have lost incomes, relationships, can’t see a doctor in person, wait outside (while others go in), can’t visit places and do things that are important to them and so on. The flow-on effects and damage to mental health are immeasurable. How long will this last? With boosters and new variants nobody is talking about the end and it just sounds like it is going to last forever. Another question I often ask myself is, ‘Are the preventative measures including mandates doing more damage than COVID, or is it a case of without the measures COVID would be rampant as it is in other places?’. Hindsight will accurately answer this question.

We are looking forward to a big year with our publication and you will see that last month we started our classifieds and services page. For only $25 businesses can promote their business in our 6,000 newspapers so if you are a business owner get onboard with that.

This issue our new feature is our Gympie map and business directory lift out. The directory includes accommodation, dining and things to do around the region. Let us know what you think. This service is complimentary for a business name and phone number and we will be offering listing upgrades from next issue.

A big thank you to our contributors for sharing their knowledge with our readers and also to our advertisers, who without we wouldn’t have a publication so please support all of them where possible.

That is it from me this issue. As always, please let me know what you think of our publication. You can contact me directly at Have a great month! Look out for our next issue in early February.