From the Editor

From the Editor

Hello and welcome to the 4th issue of The Local Gympie and Surrounds News.

Firstly I would like to welcome onboard our new contributors, Stephanie, Leigh, Megan, Serge, and Nick. Also a big thanks to Dan for the feature story about a possible solution to housing affordability and availability in the region. Our publication now has a more diverse content that will be of interest to more readers. Please let me know if there is any other content you would like to see in our publication.

We have a real Christmas theme this issue so make sure to keep your copy close by over the holidays and refer back to the tips from our contributors. We now have experts in mental health, natural health and technology complimenting our team of Sean, Dan, Victoria and Fi.

Remember to scan the QR codes at the end of each story to listen to the story and/or listen to podcasts episodes from that contributor.

A big thank you to the Mary Valley Rattler for your contribution this month. Make sure to take the centrefold picture of the rattler out and hang on your wall. I know I will!

At the time of writing we can expect to see segregation based on personal health choices (vaccination) during December. No cafes, restaurants, cinemas and bars for those that have chosen not to be double vaccinated. While this has been normalised as ‘not being able to go to the bar’, the segregation gets murkier when you consider health care and ‘elective’ procedures. I would never have thought we would see segregation in my life-time but here it comes.

Finally (I don’t get much space this month!), please support our advertisers where possible as without them this publication doesn’t exist. And feel free to tell other businesses about us. As we get more advertisers it means our publication can continue to grow.

Have a safe and happy Christmas and thank you for supporting our free community publication.